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Professional Boat Insurance Company in Port Charlotte, FL

Also Serving Punta Gorda, FL

boat insurance company Port Charlotte, FL

Amberg Insurance Center Inc is a boat insurance company that operates in Port Charlotte, FL. Visit our website to find a policy that suits your needs!

Please note that this form is for a REQUEST ONLY. By submitting this form it does not bind coverage in any way. If you do not hear from us in a reasonable amount of time, ASSUME WE DID NOT GET THIS REQUEST FOR AN INSURANCE QUOTE, and call our office.

I understand that filling out and submitting this form DOES NOT bind coverage in any way, and the only way coverage can be bound will be when I am informed of a binder or policy is issued by the agent representing me.

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Coverage(s) Information
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Liability Coverage: $
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Commercial Passenger Liability: $
Trailer: $
Uninsured Boater: $
Personal Property: $
Medical Payment: $
Non-Emergency Towing: $
Vessel Information
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Purchase Price: $
Present Value: $
Max Speed: mph
Registration No.:

Engine Information
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Inboard/Outboard I/O:
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Waters Navigated:

Boat/Watercraft Equipment
Bilge Pumps:
CO2/Halon System:
Aux Generator, Diesel:
Aux Generator, Gas:
Fume Detector:
Fire Extinguishers:
Depth Sounder:
Engine Alarm:
Anti-Theft Devices:
Stereo System:
Life Raft:
Ship to Shore Radio:
Other Equipment:

Primary Power:
Type of Hull:
Hull Material:
Fuel Tank:  
Driver/Operator Information
Driver 1 Driver 2 Driver 3
Auto DL#:
USCG/Power Squadran Certificate
Years of Boat Ownership:
Auto Violations/Suspensions in Last 5 Years:

Trailer Information
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Purchase Price:
Present Value:  
Serial #:

Boat/Watercraft Usage
Is boat a charter boat:
Is boat used commercially?:
Is boat used for racing?:
Will you be water skiing or diving with your boat?:  
If you boat is used for charters, what is the average number of passengers and trips?: per trip?:

trips per year?:
If boat is used commercially, is there crew?:
Was any operator involved in a marine loss in the last 10 years (insured or not)?:
Was any coverage declined, cancelled or non-renewed during the last 5 years?
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